Marina Property

Seaside bliss is perfected with life in a home by one of Lanzarote’s world-renown marinas

Lanzarote Living

Luxury marina lifestyle in Lanzarote epitomizes elegance, exclusivity, and the joys of being close to the sea. It offers a unique way of living that combines the comforts of luxury with the adventure and tranquillity of life on the water.

Lanzarote is a popular destination for sailors and boaters, offering a range of top-tier marinas that provide a safe and convenient base for exploring the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. All three marinas of Lanzarote offer a range of services and facilities, including berths for boats of all sizes, fuel and water supplies, maintenance and repair services, and a range of amenities for sailors and their guests.

Marina Life

Marina Rubicon, located in Playa Blanca is one of the largest on the island and is known for its modern facilities and excellent services. There is easy access to nearby beaches and local attractions. Marina Rubicon is also home to shops, restaurants and bars, making it a lively and exciting place to enjoy.

Marina Lanzarote is located in Arrecife the island’s capital. Like all the marinas there is a range of restaurants, shops and cafes, and a short walk to the main buzz of the city.

Marina Puerto Calero is a luxury marina known for its exceptional facilities and services, making it a popular choice among yacht and boat owners.

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Its posh atmosphere, high-end shopping opportunities, and superior culinary offerings lend it its sense of exclusivity. Visitors can also enjoy a range of water sports activities, such as snorkeling, diving and fishing.

Owning a luxury home in a marina presents an extraordinary lifestyle filled with maritime elegance, exclusive experiences, and the ever-present allure of the open sea. It is a true embodiment of refined living amidst the natural beauty of the waterfront.

Whether you seek a luxurious vacation retreat or a sound investment, a marina home in Lanzarote presents an incredible opportunity to indulge in the best of both worlds. You can combine the privileges of superior marina life while on land, with the allure of the high seas at your doorstep.


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